The real reasons you’re not super wealthy

What if you and your point of view are the real reasons you're not super wealthy? It's not money that make you wealthy and rich. No matter how much money you have, you can never be wealthy if you do not have the awareness, as well asgenerative energy, space and consciousness of a wealthy person. Wealth is a way of being and not a dollar amount in the bank.

One of the reasons so few entrepreneurs create sustainable and generative wealth is because they become set in one way and have a fixed way of thinking. To create generative net worth youhave to be more flexible in the way you be, do, create and think than conventional entrepreneurs. A generative entrepreneur functions more like an investor than an employee or a self-employed person.

Money will be anything you want it to be. Money comes from your points of view and your awareness.

If you believe that it is very difficult to acquire a lot of money and you don'tbelieve that it is truly possible for you to be wealthy, it will be true for you. If you think that it is hard to grow your net worth and the only way to do it is to work hard, then it will be for you.  This is something most of us do in our lives. We say, we don't know how to make a lot of money easily. Why not start asking "What could I be and do different that will make tons of money for me?" or"What energy, space and consciousness can I be today that will bring in huge amounts of money?"

Would you be willing to claim, own and acknowledge that money will be anything you think it is?

When you are willing to acknowledge that, a whole new universe will opens up to you. It’s just a choice. This is a choice you have to be willing to make. 

How to prosper and thrive as an Entrepreneur

Financial stress is common among entrepreneurs and self employed people as they struggle with money and the launch of their business ventures. Sadly, most people start business believing that they can succeed on the strength of their ideas, products, services withouthaving the competence and skills to manage their money wisely as a business owner.

Most entrepreneurs are not aware that being financially savvy is an important skill for them to create a thriving business. Not knowing this, many entrepreneurs start their businesses with a fundamental lack of understanding of what it means to create and generate a thriving business, the skills that are required, and the depth to which those capacities need to be developed.

What about you? Do you believe in the power of financial awareness?  In our view, financial awareness is an essential life skill. In fact, being financially aware and savvy in today’s world is almost as important as learning to read and write. Just imagine what your business and your life would be like if you began to generate your business with financial awareness. This is truly possible—except you have to be willing to change and acquire that essential skill.

To give your business venture the best shot at surviving long-term, you need to be financially aware and savvy.

If you are having “problems with money,” it’s not the money; it’s your inability to stay on top of your finances and your unwillingness to be financially aware. This is what creates the “money problem.” In fact, if you are having problems with your business, your finances and in any area of your life, it’s what you are unwilling, or unable, or refusing to be and do different that is actually creating the difficulty for you. What if there's a different possibility for the creation of your business. And there is!

To prosper and thrive as an entrepreneur you have to make a choice to be financially aware. You have to take the time to educate yourself about how money and finance works, how to deal with money, how to grow money with ease, and how to use it to generate different possibilities for you and for the world. Not getting around to becoming aware of your financial situation will always cost you in the long run.

How assumptions can destroy your business

Your assumptions and points of view about your business determine how you create it, operate it, and relate to it. The way you perceive, judge, and react to events throughout the day is based on your assumptions and points of view, which then anchor you in your view of what reality is. 

What you believe is what you create.

The good news is that you can change your points of view and thus change what you experience. Look at a current situation in your life and your business and ask: What points of view do I have that create my life and my business the way they are?

Ideas for Action

Write down all your assumptions about how your business must work, because that is how the market works, that's how others do it etc ......... Turn each of these assumptions upside down, and see what possibilities that generates for you.

Ask yourself..."what do I think I have right in my business" Then look to see how you can do this different. .... What if everything was the opposite of what it appeared to be? .... What if all the "you can't do it that way" views that others held actually generated you revenue because you chose to create your own reality? What if...? What if....?

What every entrepreneur needs to know about how to increase their possibility of success!

You can always work on increasing your possibility of success if you are willing to have the greater life you could be having. You have to be willing to function from the awareness of what will create the business you would like to have, and not from the conclusion and assumption of what you've decided you want your business to be. Your awareness bandwidth and your willingness to have a greater life are critical to perceiving these possibilities.

Conclusion is where you have already decided what is, how it should be, how it can't be, in fact, any fixed point of view you have about the rightness or wrongness of anything, including anything you regard as an "answer". Do you believe that conclusion is the source of creation? You have to compile evidence that you have come to the right conclusion. That is where you get into the rightness and wrongness of things. This is every answer, every definition. Conclusions stop all generation and creation. “I want to do this right” is a conclusion. 

Successful entrepreneurs don’t jump to that conclusion. They keep asking, “Well, what did that create?” and “What else is possible?” They stay in the question of “OK, having done this, what can I create and generate now?” They are looking for the awareness, not the conclusion.

To become a truly prosperous entrepreneur, you have to be open, receptive, and active in perceiving and receiving the new and different possibilities. If you try to create your business from a conclusion or an assumption, you are eliminating infinite possibilities.

Never come to conclusion about anything. Always ask; “What is this?” “What can I do with it?” “What would it take to change this?”  Only in question do you have a true choice. But that is the willingness to be aware, the willingness to not come to conclusion.

Basically, when you are willing to look at all possibilities and come to no conclusion, you become increasingly aware of new and different possibilities. You will be better able to take advantage of opportunities previously unseen.

When you create your business and your life from conclusion and assumption, nothing that does not match your conclusion can ever come into your awareness, so you don't have total choice. Conclusion is responsible for all of life's difficulties. You avoid possibilities every time you come to conclusion.

Some of your conclusions and assumptions can be eliminated simply by your recognizing them. Start looking at the places where you draw conclusion about anything - you are stopping the energy, you are limiting yourself.   Every single conclusion that you come to is a place where you’re limiting you and you’re using the conclusion to run your life.  Would you like something that keeps you confined and limited continuing to run your life? 

When you let go of the conclusions and the assumptions, you create multiple possibilities.

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How assumptions can destroy your business - Your assumptions and points of view about your business determine how you create it, operate it, and relate to it. What points of view do I have that create my life and my business the way they are?

Secrets of a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

The difference between a wildly successful entrepreneur and those that fail is often due to their ability to consciously deal with money and finance as well as their capacity to function with strategic awareness.

Making the choice of creating your business into reality in today's environment of fast change requires financial awareness. Financial awareness is an awareness of what it is possible to create financially. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned entrepreneur or you have just started your business, you always have to know where you really are financially.

You do not need a degree in accountancy or economics. You are not going to become financially aware by being well versed in the economic theory of this reality or by reading financial pages or watching financial news. You can easily get overwhelmed by financial mumbo-jumbo, complex financial tools and the financial structures of this reality, but the heart of financial awareness is very simple. To be financially aware you have to be aware of where you are financially at all times.

Financial awareness only occurs if you know how much money you have, how much you would like to have, how much you can have, how much you need, how much more would work better for you, as well as the basic money-making elements of revenue growth.  In essence, to prosper and thrive as an entrepreneur, you haveto be aware of your financial situation at all times. You have to know - What is your net worth? What is your cash flow? What are your assets worth? What are your liabilities?

Financial awareness isn't taught in schools, and cultivating this hasn't been encouraged in our society. Entrepreneurs who lack financial awareness are most at risk of having to terminate their business and their vision. The number one reason most people fail to become financially aware is simply because they never choose to be it.  You are responsible for your own financial future. You cannot abdicate responsibility for this part of your life to anyone, ever.

The two big reasons many new businesses fail

The lack of financial awareness and experience in running a business are the two big reasons many new businesses fail within the first year or two. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer to put their energy and focus on the creative parts of running a business, like coming up with new product ideas, or how to market the business.  They tend to neglect the money portion of running a business. But this is one of the most important aspects about being a successful entrepreneur, because lack of financial awareness can actually lead to making poor business decisions.

Being an entrepreneur and setting up a small business has become more popular than ever before.  Many people think being your own boss and running a business is easy… As all small business owners would attest, this is not the case. Running a business can be challenging, especially if you’re a first time entrepreneur or business owner.  According to both the Small Business Administration and Bloomberg Research, only 50% of new businesses survive for the first five years and only one-third of new businesses are able to survive for 10 years. The worst part about a failing business is that the entrepreneur is unaware of the financial problems they are facing until it is too late. 

Three Things That Every Entrepreneur must Develop

Financial awareness can be boiled down to three important abilities you must be willing to develop. These are essential assets for starting and sustaining a thriving business. The desire, willingness, and conscious choice to develop these financial awareness skills and abilities can contribute to your success.

The three things that are important to achieving success in business are:

  1. The knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. Without knowing financial basics like budgeting, profit and loss reports and reading a balance sheet, you may have difficulty managing and growing your business, or even keeping it afloat.
  2. The ability to understand money, how it works within the world, how it is earned, spent, invested and how it affects your business and your life directly or indirectly.
  3. The ability to look at your finances from a long-term standpoint, with an on-going financial management strategy that works towards future possibilities for you. In order to generate a thriving business and prosperous financial health, you have to be able to do more than simply manage your budget on a daily basis.